Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going out and we are out ...

Allison asked us to take her roller skating and I hesitated thinking about all of the things I had (or I felt like I HAD) to do. But then I thought ya know she is 13 and so her wanting to spend time with the "old folks" may be drawing to a close! With that in mind I quickly made a mental reorganization of my to do list and said "OK!" I asked her if she wanted to invite Heather and of course that met with an enthusiastic yes. She then made it clear that she just wanted Grandpa and I to go .... awwww I was beaming I am sure, at the thought of Allison just wanting us to go. And as quickly as I processed that thought a new one followed ... it could very well be that she just wants a break from the little brothers and if we ALL go then we would have to include the little guys. Oh well I will just choose to believe she just wanted to hang out with us, I mean even if that is not the whole reason I am SURE it is part of it. ;) Anyway we had a blast and decided to replace our daily walk with roller skating on Wednesday's.

So you know what that means ... we will have to make special days with the boys. Not sure what it will be yet but we are going to take them on the train Saturday to Dallas, have lunch and then ride it home. This was a save the day idea because this morning as a response to a question I nonchalantly said, "I am going to take the train to Dallas and meet Grandpa". The boys seem interested in that but not overly interested. Then Louis says he left money on the counter for the train. Weeeeelllll ... as the saying goes little pitchers have big ears, or something like that. Hmmm that does not really make sense. But anyway Jennifer says Matthew and Braeden are sitting at the top of the stairs with their chins on their chests and she overhears Braeden say, "Grandpa is taking Grandma on the train". She said it was like they felt so betrayed that he was letting a "girl" in the club! Geeez Louise, just call me Darla. (You have to be old enough to remember Little Rascals to know who Darla is).

But really what were we thinking? You do not talk about riding on a train in front of a 6-7 yr old boys and not expect some fallout!! So our surprise for after school is to plan our trip on the train.

So far the only really big thing we are having a hard time figuring out is bedtime. Getting the boys to go to sleep is a challenge! If we figure out what works we will tell you or ideas are welcome!

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  1. Your life sounds very exciting with all these kids around, I bet they are keeping you young. Your retirement came at perfect timing, now you can spend time with them.