Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Mom is a Mom is a Mom ...

The kids have it figured out, now they just need the t-shirt that says "If Mom says no ask Grandma or Grandpa or Megan. But Matthew REALLY has it figured out. He understands the power of "a Mom" and the hierarchy of the Mom figure in the family. He told me the other day as I was fixing dinner that he was not hungry and I said, "Well of course you are not after eating those 2 muffins". Now that is exactly what I said but just like there is French and Spanish and English there is also the Adult language and the 7 yr old language because here is how he translated that to his Mom. "Mom, Grandma said I did not have to eat dinner." She said, "Well I am the Mom and you have to eat dinner." As he flipped his hand towards the living room where I was sitting and cocked his head he told Jennifer, "Well she is YOUR Mom".

Then a few days later he came to me with a dilemma and I said, "Well Matthew that sounds like a discussion you need to have with your Mom." And he said, with a combination of surety and confusion in his voice, "You're a mom."

And so ... this is the latest thing I predicted so accurately when I said before we even started this arrangement, "I am sure things will come up and we will have to work them out as we go". The lines of authority can get blurred for the kids and so it is important to remind them that when Mom is here or when it can wait for Mom, Mom is IT!

I am so loving life right now ...

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  1. And isn't that what life is all about? Fun and yes it is work,but so much fun.I am so glad you have had this opportunity to do this joint family thing.I know it will be trying some days,but you will all survive and be better for it.Love you all. Kathy