Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Family Meeting is a MUST!

Third post for today.

I cannot say it enough how great I think the concept of the Family Meeting is. If you have kids it is a MUST! It serves a purpose in regards to the mechanics of a household but that is nothing compared to the self confidence it instills in all of us especially the kids. When I started this I really envisioned it being a battle to get the kids to participate. Oh my gosh was I wrong ... the kids do not let us forget it, they run it, and they hate for it to end. Giving them a platform to speak their minds and have it actually heard with no distraction is so empowering for them. When they speak everyone else is hanging on every word ... they love it! And they are giving serious input too. Yes some of it is just them repeating what one of the adults has already said as if it were their idea but I do not care ... they are listening ... they are engaged ... they are hanging on your every word! They respect the talking stick and let me tell you if you don't they WILL call you down for it! ; )

Give it a try ... you will be glad you did!


  1. Nice to see some more adventures! keep them coming! I am so glad you are enjoying life.

  2. I've never had an official household meeting but then I involve my kids with most decisions I make. They take turns choosing dinner and have a fair amount of say on what we do with our spare time. It sounds like you might be raising some politicians.

  3. That is funny Jen! ; ) I am not too into politics so I hope not!